Power Outages: Why I embrace the occasional disruption

In the after math of our 'almost' hurricane Gonzalo, I found myself reminiscing on a childhood of hurricanes and power outages. As a child of a modern, 'faster' paced world, our family evenings were often filled with homework, dinner and TV or web browsing until bedtime.

Perhaps that is why I loved it when the power would go out. Mom would light candles, while Dad pulled out board games and together we would sit down and enjoy quality time with one another.

Even now as an adult, I like to think of power outages as a welcome challenge. I view them as hiccups life throws our way, forcing us to be more creative in our daily routines.

With the power off, I dust off my pioneer spirit and find ways of completing chores without electricity.

A bucket and string, for example, easily converts my cistern to a well.

Still, more than anything else, these disruptions force us to be mentally present in our activities, no matter how mundane they are.

There are no distractions; no TV, no internet and no music. Just us and our tasks at hand. This kind of living in the moment is hard to come by in our modern society of ever present electronics, but it is so important for us to be able to switch off every once and a while.

For these reasons I embrace power outages, thinking of them as speed bumps rather than road blocks.

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