Discovering St. Barth’s Riches


The island of Saint Barthelemy (St. Barth’s for short) is located 15 miles southeast of St. Martin/Sint Maarten and is a part of the unique French West Indies.  The volcanic geography of the island makes a picturesque view of numerous hillsides and lush surroundings; measuring up to just eight square miles in length.

Much like the rest of the Caribbean islands, the climate in St. Barth’s is tropical with arid conditions. Rainfall isn’t frequent and is often short lived which makes this little paradise filled with days of sunshine.

This tranquil island is rich in history as Christopher Columbus first discovered it in 1493, and it was first occupied by the French in 1648, sold to Sweden in 1784 and repurchased by the French in 1878.

Much of the Swedish influence can be still found in the architectural structures of the wooden and stone buildings with much of its charm still conserved in the capital, Gustavia. Shopping centers and little boutiques have kept and even refurbished some of the cultural heritage of its past.

Nonetheless, its French roots are still found in the culture of the people and in much of the island’s cuisine. Here, you can find many options for fine dining with a touch of West Indian flavors.

Today, there are more than 3100 residents living on the island and some of the world’s wealthiest visit each year.

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