Being a More Effective Advocate: In and Out of Court

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A full-day programme on Friday 2 November 2018 for ALL Legal Practitioners in BVI who do Advocacy of any type – Civil, Criminal, Regulatory, Commercial or Arbitration.

All Courts in BVI will not be sitting so that all advocates, Judges and Magistrates may attend.

Registration Fee: $50.

PROGRAMME OBJECTIVE: The professional development of all advocates in BVI respecting Effective Advocacy, Ethics and Civility, and inculcating in those who appear before courts and tribunals in BVI best practices relating to those attributes.

The Judges and Magistrates in BVI, Virgin Islands General Legal Council, BVI Bar Association, BVI International Arbitration Centre, senior legal practitioners and others consider that with the participation of all advocates in BVI, this programme will enhance our justice system – and the operation of the courts, and administrative, arbitral and other tribunals in BVI – for the benefit of all participants: parties, counsel, Judges and Magistrates, arbitrators, and all those working in our civil, criminal and commercial courts and in arbitration.

PROGRAMME FORMAT: The programme will feature facilitated workshops and discussion groups in which participants consider practical aspects of effective advocacy, ethics and civility. Facilitators and presenters include senior BVI legal practitioners, senior American College of Trial Lawyers fellows (from the U.S. and Canada), and senior English Barristers.

ALL ADVOCATES STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND: All legal practitioners in BVI who do advocacy are strongly encouraged to attend, including by the Judges and Magistrates, GLC, BVI Bar Association, and BVI International Arbitration Centre.

AMERICAN COLLEGE OF TRIAL LAWYERS’ SUPPORT: The BVI General Legal Council and BVI Bar Association appreciate the significant assistance of the American College of Trial Lawyers in designing and presenting this programme.

For ALL Legal Practitioners in BVI who do Advocacy of any type: Civil, Criminal, Regulatory, Commercial or Arbitration

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