BVI STRONGER: The Series of Resilience and Recovery

  • Written by Kali Turner | Aerial Produced
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BVI STRONGER is an extension to the stories in BVI Strong Story- the documentary that went viral January 9, 2018. The web series follows the people of the British Virgin Islands on their journey of recovery. Today, the first episode of the series is being aired on Aerial Produced’s Youtube channel. The series reveals the behind the scenes action during the initial phases of relief, the true extent of the devastation caused by the hurricanes, the response of the islanders, their desperate attempts to survive and rebuild, the genesis of a plan for the future, the execution of new opportunities and how the world can get involved in making the BVI stronger, smarter, greener, better.

Trailer for the series:

The Aerial Produced team fell in love with the British Virgin Islands long ago. “We are not tour guides, we are not getting paid for this work, we are simply utilizing our resources to promote a great cause- accelerating the recovery in the BVI for a people so deserving.” Britnie Turner, CEO of Aerial Produced. “Our vision for the series is to allow people to see the behind the scenes of one of the most epic comebacks in history. We will share how to be involved in the recovery as well as help to template best practices so other countries can use BVI as a case study.”

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