Dreaming The Impossible Dream

  • Written by Philip Graham

Something quite magical happened.

Kyron McMaster, born and raised in the British Virgin Islands (population circa 30,000) qualified for the 400m hurdle finals at the Commonwealth Games. Now, given he would have been competing against the very best athletes from the likes of Canada (population circa 36mil), Great Britain (population circa 60mil) and India (population circa 1.3bil), this very humble 21 year old truly should have had no chance.

When you then throw in the fact that his coach was tragically killed back in September last year due to the passing of Hurricane Irma, this really was impossible.

However, he is not someone that pays attention to probability:

Kyron McMaster wins the British Virgins Islands’ first ever medal in perfect tribute to late coach

I have experienced all manner of emotions as an avid sports fan over the years. But that is the first time in a very long time that I have shed a very genuine tear of happiness for someone who simply ran around for less than a minute and did an occasional spot of jumping.

Amusingly, I watched it with my five year old daughter who at the end asked the very wise question “But why did they put those annoying hurdles in the way?”.

Over to you to field that one International Olympic Committee.

It seems that in the blockchain space right now, similar hurdles are constantly being put in the way of genuine progression as well.

Some of them are for exceptionally valid and well-thought out reasons and there is no doubting, just anecdotally from our own level of instructions, that the wild and free days of every man and his dog wanting to “do an ICO” are absolutely disappearing and instead being replaced by some incredibly sound business plans expressed in very well thought out white papers. And long may that continue.

But still there is constant, almost daily, rhetoric about the dangers of this decentralisation movement and it is fascinating to watch the regulators around the world jostle to ensure their jurisdictions are adequately protected, but also being so cautious so as not to stifle the emergence of a new blossoming industry.

On that basis, I think I personally need a dose of the alternative view from the hugely creative, enthusiastic and multi-talented people in this area who can already see the vision and are a fundamental part of the future to come. I’m therefore very excited to be heading up to New York next week with a bunch of the Harneys team to attend the CoinAlts Fund Symposium:


It truly should be a fantastic event and I’m very much looking forward to seeing a large number of our friends, clients and readers of this blog there.

If you are still looking for tickets, do get in touch and let me see what our internal ticket touts can do.

All I hope is that when I get back, my daughter doesn’t ask me to try and explain it…

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