BVI Financial Services Commission Reveals Q2 2017 Statistics

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This is the forty-seventh volume of the BVI Financial Services Commission’s Quarterly Statistical Bulletin. It provides important statistics, information and analysis on financial services activities for the second quarter of 2017. The FSC’s Statistical Bulletin is one mechanism by which the FSC communicates the progress made within several different sectors of our industry.

Registry of Corporate Affairs

Incorporations and Registrations

*Company Incorporations include new BCs, private trust companies, foreign companies and continuations

**This figure is a cumulative total of all active BCs

Registry of Corporate Affairs (Cont’d)

BVI Business Company Incorporations (2013- 2017)

Banking and Fiduciary Services

Licences Issued

*There was an additional Restricted Class I Banking licensee in Q1 2017. The total licenses issued for the 1st Q 2017 is therefore amended to reflect this. The total currently licensed entities as at the end of Q1 2017 is therefore amended to 212.

Investment Business

Licences Granted

* These figures represent new licensee per quarter

** The figures indicate active companies

Inc. - Incorporated

Reg. - Re-registered

** The figures indicate active companies

Investment Business (Cont’d)

Active Mutual Funds (Cumulative) Q2 2013 - Q2 2017

Insolvency Services

Licensed Insolvency Practitioners


Insurance (Cont’d)

International Cooperation

*Requires the disclosure of non-public information

**Requires the disclosure of public information

***Indicates the number of Matters brought before the Enforcement Committee

****The number of Investigations carried out by the Enforcement Division

Enforcement Matters

*Each case before the Enforcement Committee may result in more than one enforcement action.

Ongoing Supervision

*Figures include a series of approvals, refusals and cancellations reviewed by the Licensing and Supervisory Committee

**The Insolvency Division merged with the Banking and Fiduciary Services Division in February 2016.

***Since the enactment of the Trade Marks legislation, decisions such as applications to become a Trade Mark Agent are decided at the LSC.

Onsite Inspections

* Figures represent concluded inspections, i.e. inspections for which the close-out meetings have been held

Trade Marks

Number of Trade Marks Agents Registered in Qtr 2 2017

Trade Marks Transactions for Qtr 2 2017

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